How It Works | Pages Manager
Add Your Account

How To Add, Save And Remove Your Facebook Account(s) To The Software

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Add A Proxy

How To Add, Save A Proxy To Your Account, How To Remove A Proxy And How To Test The Proxy

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How To Load Pages

How To Load Pages, Sort Them, Select Them, Filter Them, Save My Selection To A File, Load From A File

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How To Schedule A Status

How To Post A Status Update, How To Schedule A Status Update, How To Schedule Many Status Updates

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How To Schedule Link(s)

How To Schedule Posts With A Link, How To Import A List Of Links

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How To Schedule Video(s)

How To Schedule Your Video Or A Lot Of Your Videos Totally On Autopilot….

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How To Schedule Image(s)

How To Schedule Your Pictures, One Picture Posts Or Multiple Pictures Posts Are No Problem

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Schedule Custom Link(s)

With PagesManager You Can Change The Preview Link Of Your Link, Or Add A Link With Your Preview Pic

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How To Find New Content

PagesManager Helps You To Get New Ideas, Download Keyword Related Quotes Or Pictures

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Download Youtube Vids

How To Download Youtube Videos, Add A List Of YT Urls, Powerfull Search Feature For Youtube Videos

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Youtube Videos To Page

How To Download A Youtube Video And Upload It To Your Page(s) Totally On Autopilot…

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Pics From Other Pages

How To Download Posts, Pictures, Content From Other Fanpages On Autopilot

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Copy Other Fanpages

How To Copy Picture Posts Directly From Other Pages On Autopilot

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Download Pages Videos

How To Download Video Archives From Other Fanpages….

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