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How To Load Pages


Click on Load Pages.
A list of all pages you are an admin of will be displayed.
Now you have several options to select the page(s) you want to post to. You can enable and disable the pages manually one by one.
You can click on UnSelect to unselect all pages with 1 click or you click on Select All to select all.
You can click on Filter to search your page(s) by a given keyword.
In the Search field you add your keyword and the software will show you all pages with that keyword. “Reload” will restart the search process. “Cancel” will close the form. When you click on “OK” the software will take that page to your list automatically.
You can Select from to…that means if you select from 1 to 3 it will enable page 1,2 and 3 in the list.
You have the option to save your selected pages for future projects to a file (*.fbPgs). Click on Save To File and when you want to use that selection of pages again, click on Load From File.
If for any reason the loading process doesn’t work you select “Use BROWSER based login”. On the loaded page you login manually into your account and click on OK. Now you should be able to Load Pages correctly.

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